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Master Computer
Age: N/A
Likes: N/A
Dislikes: N/A
Personality: N/A
Bio: She is the Master Computer of Cecilia.Some people say they have heard her actually talking to them and helping them in the game.People even say they have seen a human-like figure of her,but nobody beleives them.They say she is just a computer.
Extra Information: N/A
Weapon: N/A
Powers: N/A
Monster: N/A
Level: N/A
Skill: OOOOO
Attack: OOO

Age: 16
Likes: Candy, Cute things, Talking, Smiling, Clothes,Pretty much everything
Dislikes: Nothing
Personality: Hyper, Amused easily, Doesn't get angry that easily, clueless
Bio: She is on all day and no one knows why. Every day she has a new outfit and hairstyle. No one knows how she gets the gold for it. She befriends people easily.
Extra info.: =Cute*Tootsie*Pop= always has her companion,Yoshi (she likes to call him Mr.FooFoo x3), with her. She also doesn't get alot of things and is usually clueless so Yoshi helps clear things up for her.
Weapon: Hammer that is small enough to carry but becomes big in battle.
Powers: Can transport places and bend time and space.
Monster: Yoshi (He's a Raggle, idk)
Level: 92
Skill: OO
Attack: 000000

Scar Butterfly
Age: 21
Likes: Video games,sweets, His daughter, saving money and sleeping
Personality: He may not look it be he acts like a kid but is professional when he needs to be. His daughter is Kitty Angel Butterfly she's adopted, he adopted her 2 years ago. He and her likes the same things, well almost anyway.
Extra: His username was gonna be "Scar Darknight" but he left the computer unattended and his daughter put "Butterfly" before he could finish. The cat ears is what his daughter wanted so he did that also he can hide the ears if he wants. Sucks at actual "dating" always does something wrong but he never knows why. D:
Weapon: Dagger,dual swords
Occupation: Assassin
Level: 45
Skill: OO
Attack: OOOOOO

Kitty Angel Butterfly
Age: 7
Likes: Video games,sweets, her father, dolls, cute things, playing games, cat ears and tails
Personality: Playful, good liar and actor
Extra: Liked playing videogames because Scar played them alot so got into it when she watched. Knows how to fight cause of her father(he never hurt her she wore padding) only knows self-defense and evasion. Calls her father "Scar" and "Dad/Daddy" alot. Doesn't know what flirting is and "Going on a date" to her is going to the park to play and eating at a Family restaurant, all with her father. :D
Occupation: Theif
Weapon: Dagger and spell scrolls
Level: 12
Skill: OO
Attack: OOOOOO

Age: 14
Likes: Sweet things, chocolate, treasure, stars, talking
Dislikes: Being teased, getting hurt, quiet people
Personality: Overly happy most of the time, but has a bad temper and is very sneaky.
Bio: Chocolate-mouse is the self-proclaimed 1# treasure hunter. She has a variety of rare items that she has either found on a hunt,or stolen from another player. A screen comes out of the mechanism on her ear that allows her to see the price of any item. She always looks for rare items in crowded places,and if someone has the item she wants,she tries to talk them into giving it to her. Of course,if they don't, she'd sometimes just steal it from them.
Extra Information: She is incredibly poor because she never sells any of the rare items she obtains-no matter how useless they may be. She claims that her gun has "rare magicical bullets", but nobody beleives her because she rarely fights at all. And,when she does fight,she'll usually wack the enemy with her gun instead of shooting. But she avoids unneccissary battles.
Weapon: A gun with "magical bullets"
Powers: Unknown
Level: 30
Attack: OO

Age: 28
Occupation: Druid
Likes: Money, Animals, Nature, Money, Magic artifacts, Money, Money;
Dislikes: Thieves, Fighting
Personality: Crafty, Sarcastic, Protective and Unpredictable;
Bio: He often changes party (usually coz ppl didn’t wanted to pay him for healing them and died). Always sticks to ppl who can need his help or have a good source of gold. Not very skilled fighter, so he will try to avoid it. He likes to end his quests by blowing up a building!;
Extra Information: He likes to refer to other games and make fun of every1. I’m playing him 4 real in Warhammer so this is going to be fun>:3
Weapon: Staff, slingshot;
Powers: White and Green magic (like Blizzard, Summon creeper, Transformation into small animal or Call big one), Can speak with animals;
Items: Medical stuff, Magic components, Flute (all in his bag), Ammo (rocks:P);
Level: 47
Attack: OO

Age: 19
Likes: Zombies, scythes, PKing, blowing up enemies, blowing up everything what he hate or make him angry, be creatiwe with weapon, weapon making, writing poem about death and that stuf, hes skull tie.... but from all of that he just love zombies as hell :3
Dislikes: other necromacers, noobs who asking for gold... dwarfts
Personality: A zombie lover.... nothing much to say, un-deaths and zombies are his way of live....
Weapon: Scythe
Powers: summoming tons of zombies, skeletons and un-death syuff.... he can heal him self e bit or drain live from enemies....
Monster: hellephant (demonic elephant skeleton)
Level: 83
Skill: OO
Attack: OOOOOO

Age: 16
Likes: Devon, the color red, raspberries, peace, friends, learning, books, healing people, flowers, big hats
Dislikes: Fighting, bullies, injured people, mushrooms, Mean people
Personality: She can be really nice, but she can get really annoying after a while. She is also very stubborn and has pouting marathons when she doesn’t get what she wants.
Occupation: Harvest Cleric
Extra Information: She tries to avoid fighting, but if she has to fight she will. If she sees someone happens to be hurt, she will heal them without a second thought.
Weapon: A Stave
Powers: Anything to do with healing (No other magic)
Level: 37
Attack: O

Age: 20
Occupation: Barbarian, former Paladin
Likes: New players (help’em), Big things, Fighting;
Dislikes: Pervs, PKs, Spammers, Bots, Whole f*cking world!;
Personality: Unpredictable and Aggressive. She protects weaker players from cheaters and PKs;
Bio: At the beginning she wanted to be a paladin, but after thousands of perv jokes and few PKs(>3>), she changed to barbarian. However she kept her paladin outfit and just added barbarian’s mask, sword and tattoos.
Extra info: When she was creating her character, she didn’t exactly knew which parameter goes for muscle, so she gave each of them max. value, and that’s why she’s so busted up(x3) + she’s very VERY very tall (srsly, her sward is yours size);
Weapon: Sword;
Powers: Giant strength, Berserk mode: when she’s really mad, she puts her mask on her eyes, so she can’t see her target, but all her stats grew 3x;
Level: 44
Skill: 00
Attack: 000000

Age: 16
Likes: Rare Monsters, Fighting Rare Monsters, Killing Rare Monsters, Looting Rare Items Off Rare Monsters, Her Best Friend Raven
Dislikes: When poeple take her kills, When Raven acts creepy, Slow people, the color green
Personality: She has quite a short temper. If anyone kills a rare monster in front of her, she attack them without hesitation. She's also VERY hasty.
Occupation: Warrior
Extra Information: She's actually pretty friendly, but tends to offend people by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Her only friend is Raven.
Weapon: A giant sword
Powers: Lifeline - She can sacrifice her health to greatly improve her strength.
Level: 68
Attack: OO

Age: 18
Likes: Following Rina, Obeying Rina, Talking to Rina, Listening to Rina, Looking at Rina, Standing Next to Rina, Rina, Belts, Little Girls
Dislikes: Disobeying Rina, Being away from Rina, People who piss of Rina, Large crowds, Little boys who look like little girls
Personality: He's extremly quiet around everyone, but he's talkative when he's alone with Rina. He's also a lolicon.
Occupation: Ninja
Extra Information: He tends to call Rina, Rina-hime (Princess Rina). At first Rina had a problem with it, but got used to it eventually.
Weapon: Twin Katanas
Powers: Teleportation, Ninja Clones, Others things ninjas can do
Level: 92
Skill: OOOOO
Attack: OOO

Age: 15 (Very tall for her age; could be mistaken for a 17 year old)
Likes: Apples (peeled off), her friends, daydreaming, exploring, drawing, reading, writing, doodling, sleeping, some animals, laying there not moving.
Dislikes: some mean people, perverts, being touched anywhere besides her shoulders and legs (unless she gets a boyfriend XD) being a outcast, being hated, being scared, getting hurt, being in battle, being threatened in a bad way, and monster/people who are gonna kill her
Personality: Shy,quiet,short-tempered,talkative(only to new people and friends if she wanted),tom-boyish,scaredy-cat,caring,compassionate.
Weapon: Sword and magic
Level: 10

Age: 18
Likes: Books, relaxing, cream puffs
Dislikes: Violence, monsters, crowds, bullies
Personality: He's a booknerd. Shy, easily scared. Hates fighting cause he's afraid of the monsters [even though they're not real].
Extra Information:
-He got forcefully dragged into the game by Shang to be his personal buffer.
-Was often bullied in school
-Loves cream puffs....LOVES cream puffs.
Weapon: Book [Bible]
Powers: Heal, buff up defences, strengthing attacks, etc
Occupation: Acolyte
Level: 27
Attack: ᵔ Weak. VERY weak.

Age: 19
Likes: Games, wining, cute monsters
Dislikes: School, waiting, people picking on Xia
Personality: He's brash and impulsive. Often jumping into things and attacking the opponent/problem head on without thinking. Very competitive and hates to lose.
Occupation: Rogue
Extra Information:
-Forced Xia into the game because he feels that Xia should play more and work less.
-Despite being a Rogue class he prefers to attack head on and nonstop.
-Has a weak defense which is why he needs Xia to buff/heal him constantly.
-Has a soft spot for cute small things
Weapon: Twin Crescent blades
Powers: Powerful full frontal attacks
Level: 69
Skill: O
Random info about Xia and Shang:
-They're roommates
-They've known each other since they were 5
-[They secretly like each other]....You didn't just read that. *shifty eyes*

Bio: Ater is the most responsible of the pair. He doesn't speak much,and often has to smack some sense into Levis.
Level: 31
Weapon: A scythe
Extra Information: The chain on his scythe,however is a disadvantage during battles as it always gets caught on something.

Bio: Usually mistaken as brothers with Ater. Levis is the childish of the pair and always happily plays with anything he can find.
Level: 51
Weapon: Unknown

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