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Level: 8
These fire monsters have a nasty temper. They use small fireballs to attack. They rarely travel in groups and they like attacking new players.

Level: 6
These monsters usually travel in large groups. They are very weak,but ten of them can merge into one large monster.

Boss Dewdrop
Level: 6
If ten Dewdrops merge,they will form the Boss Dewdrop.

Level: 10
These monsters are rarely fighting. They only attack when they are hurt, or when they feel threatened. They attack using electricity and wind. They usually travel in groups of their own, of with groups of Dewdrops.

Level: 4
Found almost everywhere,these are the most common monsters in the game. They are the main targets for most new players. They are almost always found in groups of three or more. They attack by throwing rocks or sticks and they have the ability to make a small crack in the ground that is basically useless.

Level: 25
These monsters come in a variety of colors and attack anything that is close to it or in it's territory. The attacks they can do can be of any kind. The color of their fur won't help you figure out what they can do. They have amazing strength and attacks can vary from Earth,Water,Fire,Wind,Thunder and Lightning. They will attack without warning and if in groups it's best to just run away.
Extra If this monster hears the word "ugly" it goes berserk. Attack power increases by 20%.

Level: 35
This monster attacks without warning and can only cooperate with 1 of it's kind. If more then 2 are together,they will attack one another with full power not stopping until the other one is killed. If a group of the appear all together,it's best to just run since they'll start attacking the other immediately. Since it can fly it can be a disadvantage to most. The colors it can vary in is black,blue,red and purple. The attacks they can use: Earth,Thunder,Lightning and Fire.

Level: 15
Little fiend usually found levitating in swamps. He uses his scythe to attack and when he gets hurt,he starts to use some of weak dark spells.

Spirit of thr Jar
Level: The level is equal to the value of treasure.
Fallen spirit hiding in boxes,jars,ect. Attacks only when disturbed (When a player looks into it's treasture box,for an example)
Attacks with it's poisoned claws.

Level: 7-9
This monster is just poisonous,it takes away 5 HP every 5 seconds. It's back legs inject it's poison while it's claws dig into the player for a firm grip. The second head is just for defence, it protects the other head from attacks. If the monster is forced off the player,it takes 30 HP off the player and dies.

Level: 110
A big lizard that live on mountains. Can talk and think like human... but only telepathically.
Abilities: Fly, fire breath,and elf magic.

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