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Scar Butterfly & Kitty Angel Butterfly

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Reply BK_1/VGKid, February 2nd, 2009, 11:16 pm

Father & Daughta :D Username:Scar Butterfly


Likes:Video games,sweets, His daughter, saving money and sleeping

Personality: He may not look it be he acts like a kid but is professional when he needs to be. His daughter is Kitty Angel Butterfly she's adopted, he adopted her 2 years ago. He and her likes the same things, well almost anyway.

Extra:His username was gonna be "Scar Darknight" but he left the computer unattended and his daughter put "Butterfly" before he could finish. The cat ears is what his daughter wanted so he did that also he can hide the ears if he wants. Sucks at actual "dating" always does something wrong but he never knows why. D:

Weapons:Dagger,dual swords
Weapons:Dagger,dual swords

Kitty Angel Butterfly

Likes:Video games,sweets, her father, dolls, cute things, playing games, cat ears and tails
Personality: Playful, good liar and actor

Extra:Liked playing videogames because Scar played them alot so got into it when she watched. Knows how to fight cause of her father(he never hurt her she wore padding) only knows self-defense and evasion. Calls her father "Scar" and "Dad/Daddy" alot. Doesn't know what flirting is and "Going on a date" to her is going to the park to play and eating at a Family restaurant, all with her father. :D

Occupation: Thief
Weapons: Dagger and spell scrolls
Level: 12
Weapons: Dagger and spell scrolls

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Reply xfireflyxlovex, February 3rd, 2009, 5:55 am

i like 'em x3 i also like how Kitty Angel put butterfly on her dads username x3

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